Acin farm

In the vast expanse of Slavonia, in Tordinci, at 4 ha area through the gate entering the peasant šokačko farm where everything smells like tradition - ACINSALA Š.

Buildings of traditional values ​​with the characteristics of the former dwellings - farms: barns, Èardaci, pigstys, horse stables, sweep, bread oven, smokehouse, ovčarnik ...

Food is stored at the old Dakota and ostvarauje inimitable way
gastronomic delight. Joy to the cauldron for brandy distilling, traditional pig slaughter, and a handful of other Slavonian customs completes the experience of life, a priest, household

Rooms are decorated in traditional šokačko atmosphere and are equipped with bathroom.

The offer includes the possibility of organizing family celebrations (birthdays, baptisms ...), recreational riding, carriage rides and sleigh, children's playground, tennis, football.