Agritourism Herzegovina

Situated on the main road Grude Ljubuski, only 30 km from Medjugorje. Enjoy the peace and quiet listening to the birds singing and feeding the ecologically produced food. Farm rural tourism, "Maric Gaj" spreads on the surface of 40 hectares (ha), village Ružići. The farm was built trails and private roads (3 km) - arranged for walking, running, horse riding. The farm with 1000 olive trees, olive trees, vineyard and orchard.

During the summer heat at your disposal is a swimming pool in the rural tourism and the wine cellar in which foster various local and other wines.

For organized groups of tourists who arrive by plane at the airport Split, Sarajevo, Dubrovnik organize transfer (own transport) to get here and back.

Stay on our farm is ideal for tourists who want to discover the diversity and Herzegovina and Dalmatia adjacent be located in one place. In addition to content on the farm and see the activities organized for you!

Our property is also suitable for organizing various presentations and news conferences, as well as small professional conferences.

Payments can be cash or AMEX cards!

Sports facilities on the farm

In addition to trail running and horseback riding and mountain biking on the estate and grounds were built for individual and team sports and recreation. Sports fields for soccer, basketball, volleyball, bowling, and the possibility of organizing streličarskih competition, as well as paintball activities (we have complete equipment for the paintball team competitions).

Animals on the farm

On the farm there are many domestic animals, including donkeys, horses and riding.

Production of organic food

At the local farm produce ecologically grown food, wine, fruit brandy and olive oil, on the farm there is a lot of wild herbs for preparing a variety of teas, medicinal and aromatic drinks brandy with herbs.

Archaeological sites on the farm

On our farm life took place from pradavnina, so the farm and found evidence that life Illyrian tombs from the early Bronze Age, Old Christian cemetery with about 20 graves from the 5th and 6th century.

Travel offers rural tourism, "Maric Gaj"

1st Meet Herzegovina

(natural, ethnic and cultural heritage Herzegovina, a wealth of experience the beautiful scenery with visits to galleries and art collections).

2nd Team building and facilities for individual guests

With sports fields located on the property (grounds for football, basketball, volleyball and bowling) and we offer you rafting, canoe safari, photo safari and the Neretva valley, and archery, painball, walking and cycling on the farm.

3rd Transfer guests from airports

Ideal for small groups of visitors from European cities that commercial flights coming into the airport Split, Sarajevo, Dubrovnik, you want to stay a few days or only 1 weekend with us. Replace the crowd of peace and delicious food from our farm!

4th Organized harvesting of olives, grapes, herbs

Depending on the season organize picking olives from our farm and picking grapes t epripravljanje olive oil and wine. We also offer a collection of aromatic herbs and save the spirits with herbs.

We look forward to your visit!
Family Maric

Weather forecast for Imotski

Prognoza vremena za Imotski
Prognoza vremena za Imotski
Prognoza vremena za Imotski
Prognoza vremena za Imotski
Prognoza vremena za Imotski
Prognoza vremena za Imotski
Prognoza vremena za Imotski
Prognoza vremena za Imotski