Bey Razdolje

Bey Razdolje place is situated in the heart of Gorski Kotar, on the western slopes of Bjelolasica. This is the highest village in the Republic of Croatia, on 1078 meters above sea level, where the most snow falls. Boasts to offer year-round tourist activities: skiing, mountain biking, rafting, paragliding, horseback riding, paintball, hiking ...

Do Begovo Razdolje path will lead from the highway Rijeka - Zagreb, exit Delnice, the old road in the direction of the river, and to continue to Mrkopalj begs. Links clearly marked path. From the highway you have to Begovo 20tak km. Winter to take care because the snowy conditions you need winter tires or chains because of the Mrkopalj Begovo roads narrow and quite steep.

Ski resort Begovo Razdolje is located just across the hotel kite and falls under the Olympic Center Bjelolasica. Itself is Bjelolasica Begovo of only 7 kilometers, but unfortunately not well connected by road and a car will not easily pass.

Lift (anchor) the length of 400m will take you to the top ski resort has a track length of 1000m. There is also children's ski lift. At the top is quite narrow and wider toward the lower part. Top of the path is a bottleneck and quickly make ice that can stvariti problems. Path will satisfy the one-day skiers and those who are not overly demanding in terms of skiing conditions. If you prefer a more cross-country skiing will also be able to. There is also a ski school.

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More about Begovo Razdolje:
Today Begovo Razdolje population of only forty people, mostly elderly. For forestry, the local population is increasingly turning to tourism and agriculture with an emphasis on animal husbandry. I have already places geographical location opens major predisposition for the development of tourism. the fact that it is up to a village in Croatia, with a maximum snow precipitation, fully-preserved natural environment, is a great starting base for the design of modern tourist attractions. Good road links and close to Rijeka and Zagreb, provide additional potential for future development of this site. Geographical advantages are certainly the most important and give recognition to this place, but with them in Begovo Razdolje preserved the architectural heritage in its original form and other socio-cultural features, such as autochthonous dialects and traditional handicrafts.Only combination of all these factors gives Begovo Razdolje magical attraction and represents it as an important tourist destination in Gorski Kotar, who has been recognized by numerous tourists.