Bizovačke spa

Here in the rich plain of Slavonia, in a gentle place, surrounded by fields of wheat, sunflower and corn springs long gone Pannonian Sea. Only hyper-saline in Europe! Water rises from a depth of almost 2000 meters. Gift of nature. Pure and untouched for millennia. Extremely rich in minerals. Warmer than any other known thermal water. At the source of even 96 degrees Celsius. Salt is almost like the Adriatic Sea.

Hotel Termia

Total capacity of the hotel Termia (Category: 2 stars) is 205 beds arranged in single and double rooms and suites. All rooms have private bathrooms, and more than half equipped with TV sets. When a certain number of rooms there is the possibility of bringing an extra bed and the use of French beds.

Catering facilities of the hotel are two coffee bars and three restaurants: restaurant with a dance hall (capacity 500 persons), the National Restaurant (capacity 140 persons) and the Riviera restaurant (capacity 50 people). During the weekend in the evening hours at the National Restaurant engaged tambura orchestra. Conference hotel offers a large hall for rounds of lectures and seminars (capacity 600 persons) and three smaller lounges (capacity 50 people). All rooms are equipped with the Convention technical equipment necessary for group work.

All individual guests and groups coming to the agency arrangements at their disposal is a large parking area for private cars and buses. On the mezzanine level, and first and second floors of hotel rooms are connected by open walkways that intersect in some places in the small green parks.Wooden benches and low-placed street lighting lanterns at night here provide a special intimate atmosphere.

In a large area of the hotel lobbies are located hairdresser and beauty salon, boutique fashion and sportswear, gift shop and a bank. The total usable area of the hotel Termia is 16,037 square meters.

Hotel spa Bizovačke

The hotel spa Bizovačke ( "D" category) is 90 beds. Accommodation is only double, triple and quadruple rooms with etažni bathroom and toilet facilities. Rooms are deployed in two separate annexes.

These properties are very suitable (and affordable) for student tours. Within the hotel there is a large restaurant with Spas dance hall (capacity 150 persons) suitable for organizing various entertainment with live music, wedding maturalnih gala dinner and entertainment.

The total usable area of the hotel spa Bizovačke is 4322 square meters. In this area there is a large rounded Thermal Bath Complex in three closed and two outdoor pools with thermal water. Thermal spatially complex builds on pools with thermal water located in the space of a large hotel Termia.The total water surface of all pools with thermal water is 880 square meters.


Aquapolis is a multifunctional complex of Bath. In winter it is closed, air-conditioned and heated ideal fun and recreational space, while the physical space opens in the summer, and his bid is completed green sunbathing and open fields for sports and recreation. It consists of nine pools of various sizes and purposes: poluolimpijski pool, swimmers, children's pool, pool with water attractions (music caves and virpuli), three swimming pools jakuzzi (side massage) of different sizes and depths, open to the outdoor pool and an outdoor pool open with a large mushroom water and artificial streams. Part of the pool is interconnected water processed, and a variety of bridges and islands. With Aquapolis is located akvagan length and 112 meters.

Aquapolisa total water area is 1500 square meters. Capacity of indoor swimming pool complex is the 2100 swimmers, while the summer months on our sunbathing (parallel use bathers and bathing complex with thermal water) per day and gather over 6000 swimmers.The modern system works Aquapolisu chemical, bacteriological and technical treatment of water. Given the multifunctional and size of the water that the City is actually a complex of winter and summer works as a bathing Riviera. The doors are open to visitors daily 8.00 riviera and is open until 20.00 hours in the evening. The special offer is attractive and night swimming (Friday and Saturday) from 21.00 to 24.00 with a special offer of romantic music.


Modern diagnostic-therapeutic center which is under the supervision of specialist doctors and professional medical-therapeutic team conducted various types of rehabilitation therapy. Indications for rehabilitation in our institution are as follows:

  • disease and damage to the musculoskeletal system
  • inflammatory rheumatic diseases in the chronic phase
  • neurological diseases and injuries of peripheral nerves
  • postoperative and posttraumatic states
  • inflammatory gynecological diseases in the chronic phase in which the recommended application of the thermal bath
  • Active holiday

For each patient's physician after examination and diagnosis determines the type of procedures and treatments:

  • electrotherapy (dijadinamske current, interferential current, electrostimulation, ultrapodražajne electricity, magnetic, TENS)
  • thermotherapy (ultrasound, short wave, laser, paraffin, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays)
  • Cryotherapy, kineziterapija, hydrotherapy (Hubbardove baths, galvanic baths, underwater massage, swimming pool with mineral and thermal water)
  • Hand massage
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • pressotherapy

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Prognoza vremena za Osijek
Prognoza vremena za Osijek
Prognoza vremena za Osijek
Prognoza vremena za Osijek
Prognoza vremena za Osijek
Prognoza vremena za Osijek
Prognoza vremena za Osijek
Prognoza vremena za Osijek