Cup fly fishing

If you wanted to fishing in pristine and preserved nature, clean the rivers, the friendly and friendly to people, then Croatia has a place for you. If you are looking for native and wild populations of fish, you want your heart pulsating in the rhythm of the river flow until the rate and become one, then the fact that our rivers are looking for.

About Us

We have long experience in hosting and accommodating fly and organizing fishing on the river and its tributaries Buy Kupici and turkeys. Upon request, we take on fishing and Gacka, so that we can proudly say that we offer the best Croatia has to offer in fishing tourism.

The apartment is located in a mountainous part of the Croatian called Gorski Kotar, in a lovely village called Belo located on the border with the Republic of Slovenia. The village is situated in the beautiful valley of the Kupa river surrounded on all sides by high forested mountains. The village is situated on the bank of the river, the real mountain beauty greenish color.

Kupa river is a natural border between the two countries, but has always functioned more as a tether that connects rather than as a limit that separates the two nations. It's still near the unspoilt nature, which inhabit the population of wild bears, wolves, lynx, deer and other big game.


The apartment consists of lounge with kaminski oven, one double and one triple room, kitchen and toilet and bathroom.In the evening after fishing you can relax in the living room with a crackling fire, soft music and a good book, pleasant conversation or a game of cards. The apartment is located and the TV so that all tastes can be satisfied.

In the courtyard there are parking spaces for three cars. Surrounding the apartment is nicely decorated. In the yard behind the apartment there is a canopy with brick fireplace, benches, chairs, solar shower, and I apartment is located only 150 m from the river Kupa.

Where we are

The apartment is located in a lovely village called Belo, which is located on the border with the Republic of Slovenia.

Weather forecast for Delnice

Prognoza vremena za Delnice
Prognoza vremena za Delnice
Prognoza vremena za Delnice
Prognoza vremena za Delnice
Prognoza vremena za Delnice
Prognoza vremena za Delnice
Prognoza vremena za Delnice
Prognoza vremena za Delnice