Drava iža Križnica

Enjoyment of the blessings of nature and natural beauty you will not experience anywhere else like this - in Križnica. Besides its natural beauty, you can connect the old and almost forgotten pleasure activities, and all links in a very peculiar entity composed of nature, tradition and modern, from which we can not escape. Just to provide you with all DRAVSKA IZA - Križnica.

Lodging, restaurant, cafe bar and recreational facilities (swimming in pools, rafting, riding bicycles, carriages, horse riding, fishing, hunting, etc.)

What God has given to Croatia, and therefore space and Drava, Pitomača Križnica at the end, which is located on the left side of the river Drava and is drawn in almost all the ancient maps of Europe (as "fluvius Dravus"), which are primarily natural beauty - the richness of nature ... this is our nation podastro everyone to the enjoyment of a general positive atmosphere, beauty and well being that can be found at the center of our little planet Earth. This is exactly Križnica. This area belongs to sites which are a protected landscapes and Križnica, Jelkuš, Širinski island and wetland habitat Vir. Almost the entire area is located in the easternmost part of the community Pitomača.

Enjoyment of the blessings of nature and natural beauty you will not experience anywhere else like this - in Križnica.Besides its natural beauty, you can connect the old and almost forgotten pleasure activities, and all links in a very peculiar entity composed of nature, tradition and modern, from which we can not escape. Just to provide you with all DRAVSKA IZA - Križnica. A - all of which offer see below. When these people known as the people who always organizes welcome - it will not fail in any moment of your stay at this prekrasnome place that will offer many different autochthonous and countless other attractions during all seasons. It is not important whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter. Will always find something that will intrigue, entertain and ultimately satisfy your human needs.

All of the Drava Izi

Drava behind in Križnica of 29 April 2005. The many offers various facilities related to recreation, business, tourism, etc.

First, we offer hotel accommodation and lodging during all four seasons. Do you want full board and lodging only. If you come to rest from the city noise, current issues, stress ... this is your ideal solution.

  • If you are a person who want to relax in summer, winter or spring - for all to have a solution and with very reasonable prices, but also with the rest of our excellent services offered.
  • If you are a hunter, available to you a few thousand acres of hunting area where during the year hunting deer, roe, wild boar, roe deer, buck, pheasant, wild duck, wild goose, rabbit, etc.
  • If you are a fan of fishing, then you can offer countless options about going to a successful fishing throughout the year (depending on what you catch) on the pike, carp, tench, catfish, perch ....
  • If you are an athlete, you can engage in their activities according to your wish, and can lead to the preparation and the whole soccer, handball, or some other team. WE AND RECREATION organizes rafting on the Drava river on his own čAMCIMA ...

It is significant to mention that we offer, except for exclusive business meetings of the organization to 40 people and the organization of wedding up to 350 people, and even more important to DRAVSKA behind in case of wedding guests give seven days free boravljenja Križnica with all the amenities that otherwise offered.

Besides all this, we offer a myriad of other activities, such as: swimming in private pools, swimming at the Drava river, going hunting or fishing boats with or without him, going to the vineyards with tasting wines that drink in the Drava Izi, the harvest the vineyards where wine is drunk in the Drava Izi, you know, but forgotten part of the traditional business, you can visit the birth house of the great Croatian poet Petar Preradovića Illyrians in Grabrovnici, play tennis, ride a boat, go to the tourist visiting the protected area, etc., etc. .. . - All on your own.

Our DRAVSKA IŽA has 25-30 beds, which are located in ten hotel decorated apartments. In addition to domestic accommodation, we can still accommodate thirty people. This destination is ideal for hunters, fishermen, retirees, athletes and other recreational SPECIAL weekenders, so we are in compliance with this climate and offer the necessary and agreed a number of other authentic watches related to your stay in Križnica or Drava Izi.

Firstly, the arrival of well-kept apartment is organized by private car from the river Drava to them (and by bus, minibus or car, as well as with horse-drawn carriages - if desired), while the authentic and special, and I'm crossing over the Drava River, and it is crossing over the river suspension bridge 250 meters long, which was built in 1967th year, or scaffold, which in this place, there probably since Roman times, before, about 2000th and more.

DRAVSKA IŽA offers in the arrival at this place an excellent and varied menu, and many dishes from outstanding local cuisine, which is based solely on ekohrani. So with us you can order lamb in various ways, from lambs grown far DRAVSKE IŽE also prasetinu and we will gladly prepare grilled, roasted or boiler. There is a dozen species of freshwater fish from the river Drava, you can choose for yourself - or you choose to live will be quickly prepared. The menu will offer a number of specialties, such as dishes of wild ducks, pheasants, partridges, etc., as well as a variety of homemade pastries, as well as domestic štruklji with cheese, apples, cabbage, cakes, etc. diganeIn addition, you can order a number of other dishes to order, which are associated to this climate, like in many ways prepared squid, octopus, etc. So - the menu is very diverse.

I do not want to kind of bread you can taste the local bakery bread from the baker's oven.

The wines of this region, and they are part of the Drava wine-growing on the slopes at Bilogore Sedlarice Turnašica and should not be much to say. Here the vines in the hills called Aršanj, Lipica, Otrovanski and Kladarski cam, cultivated for centuries and the wine is high quality. Najkvalitenije are Graševina varieties, Riesling, Frankovka, high quality and various table wines. In our wine can be ordered just such a wine and most renowned wine producers in this region. In addition to wine DRAVSKA IŽA offers countless other refreshing, soft and alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea and other - as they wish. In this area there are three hunting associations which have a significant fund a variety of low and high game. This is LU "Vidra", LU "Fazan" Pitomača, LU "Fazan" Stari Gradac, but there are two associations Ribolovne "Carp"Pitomača and "Perch" Križnica to manage with a rich fish fund the Drava river.

Price per 10 €. You can contact us by phone or mail.

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Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica

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