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Your escape to nature! Our programs combine the best natural and cultural destinations Kopacevo wetland, the Danube, Drava, the Middle Danube, wine cellars farm, desert and farms, rural households, the city of Osijek and other valuable destination. Beam Gold Ltd. was the first Croatian tourist agency specializing in eco-programs responsible for visits of protected and valuable natural areas.

Our eco-tourism programs suitable for all ages and interests. From light walking and enjoying the natural beauty of Kopacki Rit daylong expeditions to the deep Danube forests, education about wildlife Middle Danube to team games in nature.

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We offer programs:

Trace the nature of the Drava and Danube

New three-day travel package designed under the program "Getting to know Croatia," the Ministry of Tourism. This direct experience of nature, culture and traditions will bring you wealth and diversity of the Middle Danube region. With the experience of the swamp, the encounter with wild animals, delicious cuisine and wine droplets, the rich history of Osijek and interesting stories on the farms and wastelands time will "fly in an instant."

Canoeing Kopacki Rit via the Danube

Great River male names - the Danube, with its impressive size breathtaking. Many Dunavci, songsCani reefs, a wealth of flora and fauna provides unusual sights of untouched nature. Experience this great river paddling canoes, swimming, relaxing on the sandy islands.

Canoes through the woods popolavne Kopacki Rit

During major floods on the Danube, forests and forest roads disappear under huge amounts of water. Period begins to revive the Pannonian Sea and the biggest phenomenon Kopacki Rit. Canopy of oaks, willows and poplars are the only "islands" on the horizon. Get lost in the expanse of water, observe the feast of wading birds, the sound of oars, far from roads, buildings ...

Canoes range Drava

The Drava River is often referred to as the "Green Heart of Europe" because of the preservation of natural beauty along its course. On the last leg of its journey towards the Danube takes the form of large lowland rivers, with numerous sandbars and sandy shores of endless forests.
The richness of the Drava River lies in its "vitality", because its waters and shores have a lot of animals and plants as endangered on the European and global level, such as sand martin, little terns and otters.

Danubian photographing

This program is a combination of adventure by boat and on foot, exploring the beauty of the Danube, backwaters, sandbars, sand, eagle's nest, wildlife watering hole. Note the unique landscape stretches of the Danube, Drava and Danube confluence ...

Birdwatching in the Kopacki Rit

In Kopacki Rit has so far recorded 295 species of birds, of which 144 species nest regularly or occasionally. The largest number of birds during spring and autumn migration, while in the winter sky above the marsh fly over tens of thousands of geese and ducks that come from western Siberia. In the area of Kopacki Rit is the largest white-tailed eagle nest in this part of Europe and the largest colony of cormorants and gray herons in Croatia.

Walking photo safari adventures in the Kopacki Rit

Kopacki Rit amended to 365 days a year. Each an annualit carries interesting time in the plant and animal life. With the arrival of spring in the Kopacki Rit enters the water, returning birds, red deer gets youth, wetland plants are in bloom. In summer and autumn period, the animals were active, performing their young in the first hikes in August and September, male deer roaring summon your partner. Winter vegetation is at a standstill and it is easier to notice the movement of large animals, observe the wetland birds that are fighting for a few pieces of food they find under the snow ...
With an expert guide eco town go deep into the forests of Kopacki Rit, find roe with a young calf, shoot wild pigs in the raid on Mulberry and blackberry, the young swans in the nest, hunting white-tailed eagles ...

Tour of Osijek

Located on the banks of the Drava River, a city of rich historical and cultural heritage, with many parks and gardens, baroque core of the Fortress, numerous art nouveau buildings enjoyable for all visitors. Stroll the promenade along the Drava River, visit the Fortress, museum visits, holiday parks, biking are just some of the activities that you can expect in Osijek.

Lease guide

If you want your guests to arrange a tour of Osijek, Baranja and surrounding areas, we offer the services of our professional guides. Our guides are authorized to conduct a tourist and have years of experience in tourism management. Tourist guide also can be organized in English.
From our guide you can get a lot of information about restaurants, shopping opportunities, events in the city and surrounding areas, working time, institutions, etc.
All the details related to the management of tourism services can be arranged directly with our guides.
Additional options: organizing transport van 8 +1 with driver / guide

Boat at the mouth of the Danube-Drava

Experience Osijek perspective from the water, sail the last miles to the confluence of the Drava and Danube, experience the expanse of water in major rivers.

Winter Tale in the Golden Gredi

Kopacki Rit winter provided ideal conditions for observing wildlife. Vegetation is scarce, it is easy to recognize clues, wild pigs get young eagles štekavci nest and lay youth deer hinds and heated in herds.

School in nature

We have prepared three different schools in the nature of the program, from basic three-hour, to full-day programs that offer a variety of topics, workshops, a tour of Osijek - up to you to choose!
At school in the countryside Eco Centre Golden Beam feel the freedom, imagination, creativity! Rediscover the forgotten sense of wonder, excitement! Be curious! Stop and listen to the sounds! Take a peek beneath the surface of the water! Identify animal tracks! Find fragrant plants! Watch as everything in nature has its role, how everything is connected and how everything changes ...

Teambuilding incentive and motivational programs

Depending on your needs and desires organize various outdoor activities for your employees, business partners or associates. Build and secure your team through our programs at the same time enjoy the natural beauty of the farm and the Middle Danube. Select and combine the options offered and we will create teambuilding or incentive program for yourextent, with of course a few more surprise ...

One day in the Golden Gredi

• Design of primary and secondary schools • Professional Tour
• Training, Seminars • Business Meetings

Organize your programs in the Eco Centre Gold beam, the riparian forests of the Danube, on the edge of Kopacki Rit Nature Park. Forest environment, open booths for 50 people, multi-functional hall for 30 persons, all equipment needed for presentation (laptop, plasma, projector, screen, microscope, acoustics)


Weather forecast for Beli Manastir

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Prognoza vremena za Beli Manastir
Prognoza vremena za Beli Manastir
Prognoza vremena za Beli Manastir
Prognoza vremena za Beli Manastir
Prognoza vremena za Beli Manastir
Prognoza vremena za Beli Manastir
Prognoza vremena za Beli Manastir