Green Room Hairdressing Studio

Green Room Hairdressing Studio

Green Room Studio Hairdressing salon for women and men. We are also offering extensions, haircuts, grooming, hot shears (thermo cut), highlights, painting, shaving, make up and facial care. Build your own style with us because we do best

Green Room Hairdressing studio opened in 2006. year. Owner - Joseph Huis, a lover of fashion and fashion trends, and in accordance with all of your fantasies and illusions into a very creative and imaginative, above all, interesting hair. After many years of experience in renowned hairdresser salon, he decided to print in entrepreneurship, and founded his own hair studio, in order to fully able to follow their vision ...

Green Room is a hair studio's mission is to make each of its client satisfied. High quality staff will always welcome a smile, offer a drink, and you meet almost every wish. If you are able, see for yourself. Green Room Hairdressing studio is located in Kustošiji (Črnomerec) at Zagreb, Kustošijanska 42nd Another advantage of a Green Room is the location. If you arrive by car, you can park in front of the hair studio.

Special attention to ensure that you turn to high quality products and services provided, allocated Green Room Hair Studio Salon in many similar purposes and osiguravaja our place in the elite society of selected exclusive hair studios.

Green Room is a hair studio that provides a wide range of services related to the hair industry. As a client personal hairdresser studios will try, which means "Star Treatment" each time your visit. We strive towards excellence and always strive to raise our high standards to a higher level.

More on offer hair studio, locate the Green Room on our website

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Prognoza vremena za Zagreb
Prognoza vremena za Zagreb
Prognoza vremena za Zagreb
Prognoza vremena za Zagreb
Prognoza vremena za Zagreb
Prognoza vremena za Zagreb
Prognoza vremena za Zagreb