Hiking in northwestern Bosnia

For all those who love hiking and nature, we created a clean program to visit two most beautiful mountains of northwestern Bosnia. Includes room and accommodation in Kulen Vakuf, which is only about 25 km from the mountain trails, and transportation are provided to them, as well as a professional guide for them.

Osječenica the medium high mountains. Petrovac is located above the valley, which separates the longest mountain in BiH Grmeč. The highest point is 1795 Big Osječenica mn / h. It is rich in flora and fauna. It is a mountain on which grows a rare flower edelweiss. District Osječenice the air spa, which is characterized by high coniferous forests. On the mountain are very few sources of water. Prevoj OStrelj bordering mountain Klekovačom, and on top OStrelj a ski resort with lift.

Klekovača is high and rough mountains. Highest point is 1962 Big Klekovača mn / h. Klekovače between the mountains and the jungle is Lunjevača Lom. Mountain Klekovaču characterized by large rocks that stretch the very tip of the Great Male Klekovače 1761 mn / h. This is an area where there are rare flower Edelweiss Mountain is poor water sources. The peak of the mountain there are several large meadows and beautiful rock amphitheaters.
On the mountain can be organized climbing, rock-climbing activities as well as lowering the pits at certain locations. These activities may arrange a special arrangement.
Home runs come from the villages Flooring (junction on the road Bos.Petrovac Drvar) to Materićima where the trails start.

Weather forecast for Knin

Prognoza vremena za Knin
Prognoza vremena za Knin
Prognoza vremena za Knin
Prognoza vremena za Knin
Prognoza vremena za Knin
Prognoza vremena za Knin
Prognoza vremena za Knin