Hotel Picok

Traditionally decorated hotel, which boasts 4 stars and the rich offerings.

Interestingly, the name comes from the hotel The Legend of Picokima, an event from the 16th century, namely 1552nd when the resourcefulness and courage Đurđevčana in long-term struggle against the Turkish tyrant Ulama Bey paid for from a cannon fired at them pijetlića, picoka.

It happened at the site of the old town, which was founded in the middle of a swamp on the elevated sandy hill, just near the hotel that radiates Podravina from entering. This event live today, because already 40 years late June uprizoruje within Picokijada''event'', and Đurđevčani for centuries carried the name''''Picokima. Hotel, interesting names in Podravina interesting landscape, has 180 beds, an aperitif bar, summer terrace and a club for young people.

Actually what will delight every guest, at first glance to win the Đurđevačka''since''is decorated in traditional style with Podravina lot of details and objects that recall the former đurđevačke old house. Visitors can taste''''history through a series designed menus, and so much gastronomic offer is based on old recipes Podravina hostess (Podravski Chicken, local buncek with hajdinom mash, roasted ribs, waist ...).

The restaurant has a capacity of 250 seats, while the lounge has space for 300 people. Podravina old trick mixed with modern approach and quality will delight even the most demanding guests.

Close at hand, the customer is a unique area rich in flora and fauna,''Đurđevački Peski''or that it has called the''Sahara''Croatia. The particularity of this region that exudes history and art is felt in every corner, there will be substantiated by the fact the Old Town Gallery with over 2,000 exhibits, Ivan Lackovic Croata, and the private collection of ethnographic''''Cambi. Due to the region in which is situated, Hotel Picok is a great destination for lovers of big game hunting and fishing because of the proximity of the river Drava.