Kokotić Apartments, Brac

We offer private accommodation for summer holidays in the center of Bol. We look forward to your arrival.


This house for vacation has one room with three beds (2 +1), kitchen, TV + SAT, bathroom and big terrace in front of the house which you can see on the picture. There is also air-conditioning and parking place. The house is situated 50m from city center, supermarket and sea.


This house isfor five persons (two rooms and one bed in the living room 4 +1). It has a large kitchen, spacious living area, air-conditioning, TV + SAT, small balcony with sea view (see picture), two bathrooms, parking place and big terrace in front of the house. The house is 50m from the center.


This house for vacation 500m from city center and sea have two rooms (4 person), kitchen + living area, TV + SAT, bathroom, store-house, air-conditioning and two terrace. The apartment is situated 500m from city center and 50m from a supermarket. Place is quiet and very interesting because off-vineyard and olives trees and it have parking place.

Also I haveboat which I use only for my guest so if you are my guest I can offer you fishing instruction or an excursion to dayly nearest island of Hvar, Solta, or to some nice beach on south island Brac.The coat of boat can take five persons. My plan was to show you something what is not possible to be with out boat. Bol has nice beaches which you can see and enjoy with my boat in a very short time.