OPG Sambolek

Family farm Sambolek, Veliki Borik street, Volodr 44318 If you want to walk or ride a bike through the hills, ride horses from a nearby stables, and after all treat yourself well to local specialties from the bread oven, from the spit, grill, under the oven, cauldron, special specialties such as forked carp, goulash, white porridge, gibanica , štrukli ... and water everything with good homemade wine from your own vineyard, you have to come to Voloder in a family farm with Anica Samobolek. Accommodation services in rural tourism and catering are offered (celebrations, such as weddings, confirmations, birthday celebrations). You will be honored with extremely kind and approachable hosts, so it is easiest, but also most accurate to describe the hardworking Sambolek family.

Opg Sambolek is located in Veliki Borik Street, in Voloder.