Paintball Interap

Solve the crisis and stress, have fun paintball.

Gather colleagues from work, school, fax, or fourth and crazy fun with this adrenaline sports - paintball.

Only 3 kilometers from Cakovec we offer a birthday party, guys and girls' celebration of the good paintball, barbecue and good entertainment.

The concept of teambuilding programs which offer includes orientation in the new environment, away from the workplace. In other words it is a series of fun, strategic games that your employees must be solved. Must deal with the new situation, and realize together to find solutions. Of course, there are more teams and they compete with each other for better results.

The purpose of team building programs:
  • development of desirable characteristics of an individual or team
  • reduce the accumulated stress
  • improving communication between staff under stress
  • develop team spirit and confidence
  • risk-taking and responsibility
  • creative problem solving
  • discovery of new values and skills of participants
  • preparing for better orientation in new situations
  • acceptance of risk and crisis situations outside the "comfort zone"
  • and equal respect for personal relationships within the group
  • develop mutual tolerance and self-criticism
  • social, recreation and entertainment

Weekend programs:

These programs are designed for companies, groups, students, NGOs, which may in the short term employees to organize and solve the crisis or stressful situation by going to the paintball.
Participants divide into teams and the pre-arranged (most leagues) system, the competition takes place in paintball.
While the field paintball tournament takes place, the rest of the parties to rest and prepare in the tent with barbecue and beverages.
All results are accompanied on the panel and the best team win.

Reward your employees and colleagues together relaxing trip in the nature of the paintball, barbecue and entertainment until late into the night.



Weather forecast for Čakovec

Prognoza vremena za Čakovec
Prognoza vremena za Čakovec
Prognoza vremena za Čakovec
Prognoza vremena za Čakovec
Prognoza vremena za Čakovec
Prognoza vremena za Čakovec
Prognoza vremena za Čakovec
Prognoza vremena za Čakovec