Robinson camp Cup

Do you love nature and are looking for a new experience? Enjoy a family vacation by the river.

If you are thinking about camping and want to experience a real vacation in nature then this is the right place for you. Robinson camp is located along the Kupa River in untouched nature outside the resort and will give you a complete feeling of freedom and stress-free rest.

For camping in our camp you do not need camping equipment (tent, stove, barbecue, wood, mattresses, dishes, lamps ...).
We offer tents with a diameter of 5m which can be accommodated without any problems 4-6 people. The tents are equipped with mattresses and inflatable pillows and sheets.

Next to each tent we have made a small covered kitchen equipped with a gas stove and utensils.
There is also a table with benches, a place for lighting a fire, barbecue, wood, etc.

We can also offer boat rental.

Solar lamps, torches, lanterns are used for lighting because there is no electricity, but it works great. The refrigerator is natural (buried in the ground where we put ice so that the drinks are always cold and the food is fresh).
Drinking water is from a nearby spring, but we supply drinking water every day if desired.

To stay in our camp you need some food, drinks and sleeping bags or bedding and good will, and we will take care of everything else.

If you have your own tent and equipment, you can only rent a camping spot.

For those who want to organize socializing for larger groups (team building, celebrations, etc.) we are open to any agreement.

We want to provide you with an unforgettable experience of the connection between man and nature.
Mandatory reservation and announcement of arrival.
Pets are also welcome

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Prognoza vremena za Karlovac
Prognoza vremena za Karlovac
Prognoza vremena za Karlovac
Prognoza vremena za Karlovac
Prognoza vremena za Karlovac
Prognoza vremena za Karlovac
Prognoza vremena za Karlovac
Prognoza vremena za Karlovac