Rural tourism Sopot

Rural tourism Istria - Sopot offers traditional delicacies with imaginative dishes of ecologically grown vegetables and herbs. Visit the most famous waterfall in Croatia - Sopot and our farm Istria - Sopot.

The hilly landscape of central Istria, Istria's most famous waterfall near Sopot, located Farmhouse Istria - Sopot.

Magical landscape offers magnificent works of nature scenes ispreplećući with marly and forest areas, springs and streams surrounded by medieval towns in the hills. Pican and Gračišće together with an unusually beautiful countryside surroundings, yet 1973rd was declared a protected natural landscape.

Our apartments and peasant household Farmhouse Istria - Sopot are located just at the foot of two medieval towns from which to reach only a summer evening sounds of church bells pretapajući with the voices of crickets and frogs. Feel the peace that can compare with deep meditation and tranquility that will bring true holiday away from the city noise and stress.

House with swimming pool is surrounded by meadows, fertile fields, gardens and vineyards from which the hosts are doing the natural wine in the traditional way.

Rural tourism Istra --Sopot in its offer includes only local food and vegetables grown in their own eco garden for vlastite needs and the needs of its guests. It is very important, consider the hosts, especially during floods market cheap imported foods suspected of origin.

In the yard two separate accommodation and catering facilities, pets staying horse, sheep, chickens, dogs and cats.

It is possible to horseback riding, helping in the household and work in the field or in the woods.

The end is well known for its hilly bike ride, a few times a year are held at Hilly bicycle race downhill Gračišće, a very popular and a circular footpath St. Simon, who just goes through the waterfall Sopot, the most famous waterfall in Istria.

Besides Sopot waterfall, is located near several other less well-known waterfalls and nature of sheltered stream that can be visited with the assistance of the host.

Free use of the two extra bikes.

If you get bored really splatter in a large pool, a 20 - minute drive you can reach the nearest beach.

Note that the eastern coast of Istria, which is closest to us, especially characterized by clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches and bays.

Rabac offers a wide selection of marine tourist trips, mostly on Cres and to nearby bays and not behind or catering services.

Rural tourism Istria - Sopot combines gastronomic offer of Istria. In its offer traditional dishes include gnocchi, pasta, ravioli, maneštre, asparagus, mushrooms, truffles, fish is always fresh, local eggs, ecologically grown vegetables, all richly seasoned with natural herbs and homemade wine. You can try the traditional so-called Balkan specialties such as grilled meat dumplings and other dishes from the grill.

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Prognoza vremena za Pazin
Prognoza vremena za Pazin
Prognoza vremena za Pazin
Prognoza vremena za Pazin
Prognoza vremena za Pazin
Prognoza vremena za Pazin
Prognoza vremena za Pazin
Prognoza vremena za Pazin