Space for celebrations "Dedina konoba", Zagreb

Rustically decorated and fully equipped space for celebrations in Zagreb, located in nature, with a beautiful view of the city. Ideal for family celebrations!


Our offer consists of a total of three different spaces for rent and celebrations in Zagreb - these are: Dedina sjenica, Dedina kućica and Dedina konoba. Here you can find all the important information about Grandpa's tavern.


Dedina konoba is a rustically decorated and fully equipped space for celebrations, created for all those who are looking for something a little different. One of the main advantages is that this is an indoor space, which means that it is rented throughout the year, regardless of the weather. It was originally built in the 70s of the last century, also from natural stone, so it already fits into our new idea to create something special and authentic, a space dominated by natural materials, which is why the atmosphere is real mountain. On that track, we carried out renovations and landscaping, making sure every detail was in place. The result is today's Grandpa's tavern - a unique space for celebrations, created for a top experience.


This space for celebrations is located in Zagreb (Borčec district), at the address Teškovec 67, about 15-20 minutes drive from the city center. It is located at 400 meters above sea level, in peace and quiet, forest and greenery, right next to the border of the Medvednica Nature Park, and stands out with one of the most beautiful panoramas of the western part of the city.


Grandpa's tavern is primarily intended for family celebrations such as children's birthdays, baptisms, first communions, confirmations, anniversaries, promotions, but also for the increasingly popular team building. It is also ideal for hanging out with family and friends, even when there is no special reason for it, but you simply want to enjoy this unique ambience, in the company of people you care about.


Dedina konoba consists of a total of four rooms: 1) large rooms, 2) children's rooms / playrooms, 3) kitchens and 4) toilets. Grandpa's tavern doesn't have a bedroom, so neither does the sleeping option.

The rental of this space for celebrations includes not only Deda's tavern, but also its fenced yard and rich accompanying content, of which we primarily emphasize the following:
- large parking lot (for about 15 cars)
- electricity < br /> - water
- refrigerator
- chest
- kitchen with sink and stove
- kettle
- dishwasher
- oven on wood with prepared wood
- iron beštek - forks and knives
- glasses (package)
- plates (large and small)
- wine and beer opener
- 2 salad bowls
- paper napkin
- barbecue with prepared wood
- 2 grilling racks
- complete baking utensils
- 2 meat bowls
> - cloth and apron
- coffee pot
- trash cans with bags
- sun loungers
- parasols
- large meadow for play and recreation
- goals for indoor soccer
- swings
- mini children's tables and chairs
- mini houses, seesaws, slides, etc.

Also, in addition to Grandpa's tavern, Grandpa's gazebo is always included, so you can use the barbecue and its other accompanying facilities.


Grandpa's tavern can accommodate a maximum of 24 people. Namely, in the large room there are two tables with benches (dimensions 2.5 x 1 m), which have a seating capacity for up to 24 people. If there are also kids, we can always provide them with an additional table with benches (dimensions 2 x 1 m), as well as mini children's tables and chairs.


Grandpa's tavern is at your disposal from 12:00 until the next morning at 9:00, ie a total of 21:00.

This space has no sleeping beds or sleeping options (only Grandpa's house has this option).


The rent is HRK 2,500.00.

Deda's gazebo is always included in the stated amount of rent, so for HRK 2,500.00 you get both buildings - a tavern and a gazebo.


For the purpose of checking free appointments, you can contact us:
a) by mobile: 091 8863 700 (Christian) or
b) by e-mail:

After selecting a free term, we will send you an offer.

For the reservation it is necessary to pay an advance in the amount of 1,000.00 kn, within 48 hours of receiving our offer. The remaining amount of rent must be paid no later than the beginning of the lease.

In case of cancellation, we do not refund the advance.

We can hear from you for any additional questions. :)

Dedina konoba, rental of space for celebrations
Teškovec 67
10090 Zagreb

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Prognoza vremena za Zagreb
Prognoza vremena za Zagreb
Prognoza vremena za Zagreb
Prognoza vremena za Zagreb
Prognoza vremena za Zagreb
Prognoza vremena za Zagreb
Prognoza vremena za Zagreb