Vacation Ana

Vacation Ana is located in Kanfanar offers you a holiday experience in a old Istrian house built in 1905th years, and now restored in the true Istrian style offers complete comfort to its guests for a total of five people.

Vacation Ana offers you a holiday experience in a old Istrian house built in 1905th year.

Today, renewed and decorated in the true Istrian style offers complete comfort to its guests. Garden decorated with the host's special affection, barbecue corner for gourmets in a large vine covered courtyard complete your unique experience. The ground floor is a bathroom, kitchen and living room with separate outside entrance. On the first floor there are two comfortable rooms with a total of 5 beds. One bedroom has a double bed, while the second contains three single beds with separate bathroom. Each room has heating and is to serve you everything you need to stay throughout the year.

For all lovers of culinary specialties that would like to try Istrian cuisine and a good glass of wine at home and comfortable surroundings of the fireplace, as well as for those more adventurous who would like to know the history, beauty and charm of Istria, we we will host the daily service and a sincere wish welcome because they do not forget, visits and vacations are sometimes short, but last January as the life span.

If you go by car, bike or on foot without Kanfanara you will find the wide network of roads and trails that lead to hidden corners of inland Istria. The area is outside the usual tourist flows away from the crowds and stress, meet playful nature and history in one place, including in particular emphasizes the medieval town Dvigrad.

Visiting and traces of human culture Kanfanarštini to reach more of 12 one thousand years back, and today has 600 Kanfanar locals, valuable, modest and hospitable people, including every stranger feel comfort stay.

Altitude of 275 meters of providing clean air and distance from traffic congestion and noise that contributes to peace and an ideal place for vacation.

If conditions permit, come to the Kanfanar Jakovlje traditional folk festival, festival of indigenous Istrian cattle, the largest domestic animals in Istria and Europe, held last Saturday in July at St.. Jacob.

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Prognoza vremena za Pazin
Prognoza vremena za Pazin
Prognoza vremena za Pazin
Prognoza vremena za Pazin
Prognoza vremena za Pazin
Prognoza vremena za Pazin
Prognoza vremena za Pazin
Prognoza vremena za Pazin