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Višnjica was first mentioned in the mid-19th century as a farm that was only after centuries of existence we've even seen one of the most advanced properties in the western part of Slavonia. It was ruled a noble family, who are encouraging the development of agricultural and livestock production, organized inhabited property and provided the conditions for its own functioning. Thus, in Višnjica eventually open regional primary school, shops and medical clinic. On Višnjica residents are gone, replaced by periodic - tourists. At the beginning of the new millennium, when they are on it, except for environmental and agricultural production began to nurture the tourism and hospitality.

Attractions Višnjica today is based on

  • Moderate continental climate
  • clean air, natural environment, eco-garden and orchard and the absence of noise
  • preserved architectural heritage property
  • close Papuk and Drava
  • possibility of free movement around the
  • ideal conditions for recreation (walking, jogging, biking, horseback riding)
  • good road links

Natural atmosphere properties underline the green, the sound leaves centennial park trees and the Arab horses proudly kasaju within the crust. Therefore it is no surprise that farm still bears the name of Green Peace, for the visitors after they sat down at the terrace restaurant and begin to enjoy your drink quickly overtake a sense of peace and relaxation.

Hotel "Višnjica»

Hotel "Višnjica" is located in the heart of the estate, surrounded by centuries-old park with one and stables and coral Ergele "Višnjica" the other side. The hotel has 36 beds, arranged in double rooms, with the possibility of placing an extra bed in some rooms.four rooms for persons with disabilities.

Within the hotel there are two halls with a capacity of 20 and 60 people, equipped with audio-visual devices necessary for the maintenance of working meetings, conferences, symposiums, seminars, courses and presentations.

Because of its surrounding slopes and groves, the hotel Višnjica is a favorite destination for children and youth who participate in schools and camps in the countryside, companies increase their productivity, team building and hunters who patiently lurking nearby hunting game.

All hotel guests, especially the youngest, is particularly happy about unusual contact with the pony and donkeys, which are freely over the goods. Guests of the hotel there is the possibility of free visits farms fallow deer, which is on its own, dislociranoj farms, and recreational riding, as the farm is the only Arabian horse stud farm in Croatia.

The proximity of the river Drava, Lisičine Arboretum, the Nature Park Papuk - within which there are picnic Jankovac and geological monument Rupnica --archeological sites now Zvonimirovo, Joseph and Sjenjak, the remains of the medieval town of Ruzica and Gothic churches, a Franciscan monastery and the castle in Virovitica, makes the hotel "Višnjica" ideal destination guests who want to discover the natural beauty and heritage of Virovitica-Podravina County.

Restaurant "Višnjica»

The hotel operates Restaurant "Višnjica", which offers its guests an authentic Slavonian gastronomic offer. For the preparation of a rich variety of dishes, among others, used vegetable, mushroom and deer raised on the farm. In addition, bread made of roots batata, batata rate, walnut and oyster mushroom baked daily in the restaurant kitchen.

Crown gastronomic offer restaurant "Višnjica" make dishes batata or popularly known as sweet potato, which is also grown on the farm. Besides being very tasty and nutritious, batat because of the high content of antioxidant vitamins and some minerals have numerous medicinal properties.

The restaurant has 150 seats, making it an ideal place for holding all kinds of festivities and fun.

Weather forecast for Virovitica

Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica

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