PZ Ergela Višnjica

Agricultural Cooperative Ergela Višnjica is the only Arab Horse Stud farm in Croatia. The property has a bicentenary history. It is surrounded by beautiful old parks and is located between Papuk and Drava river near the town of Slatina. In addition to viewing the horse farms and fallow deer, and beautiful surroundings Ergele, you can learn to ride or if you already have experience in the field, you can enjoy horseback riding. Ideal conditions for jogging, cycling ....

Višnjica Arab horse stud farm was established in 1970th at the farm over two hundred years old that was passing through history through the hands of various owners, we can mention in particular the counts Draskovic, who are most influenced current design properties. In addition to traditional Arabian horses, which originated with the Bosnian Ergele Borike Višnjica are grown and full-blooded Arabian horses. Opportunities in tourism, which allows stable sense of Arab horses are multiple:

  • Organizing expert meetings
  • Organized visits and sightseeing ergele
  • Maintenance of schools in the countryside
  • Development jahačkog Sports
  • Riding school
  • Horse shows and riding competitions
  • Horse Shows
  • Restoration of the old craft workshops - blacksmiths, twister
  • Livery Service

In addition to horses, the Ergele Višnjica grown and deer farm in which there are three hundred. THE sightseeing horse and fallow deer can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the old parks and gardens but also in the nature that surrounds the property only between Papuk and the river Drava.If you are an experienced rider you can go off-road riding and gentle Slavonian countryside through fields of wheat or abloom fields of medicinal plants.

With all this you can visit our fields on which cultivated new and unusual for our culture as batat - sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.), asparagus, or see the areas for growing mushroom.

Also within the estate there are conditions for jogging, bike riding, as well as various other sporting activities. Nearby there is a restaurant with accommodation facilities, which makes this place ideal for your family vacation.

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Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica
Prognoza vremena za Virovitica

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