Holiday house near Mrežnica

Feel free to contact us as you will not regret it In the attic there is an air-conditioned space.

The river Mrežnica is easy to love, and you will find it next to our holiday house which is located only 30m from the river and entices the view of it.
Here you will find peace which is a good start for a pleasant and relaxing vacation with family or friends.

Here you will find all shades of natural green in the reflection of the river.

There is a lot to be desired, from walking along the river, fishing, boating, using a large garden to enjoy with children, the beautiful Dugo Selo region abounds in bike trails which is the best way to get to know the area.

The house is equipped with 5 + 2 extra beds, toilet, kitchen, you get a boat, barbecue and grill.