House Krasna

House Krasna


House "Krasna" was built back in 1905, and on its foundations in an effort to preserve the basic elements of construction - wood and stone, was renovated in 2006.

From the center of Krasna, that is, it is only 30 m away from the main road and is located near the ski slope. It is located at the very edge of the forest and reveals privacy and complements the rich experiences of the Lika ambience in the most beautiful way.


  • 4 rooms
  • 10 beds + 2 extra
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Ground floor: kitchen, living room, dining room and pantry
  • 1. floor: two double bedrooms and a bathroom
  • 2. floor: one quadruple, one double room and bathroom
  • storage for skis, sleds, bicycles and the like in the auxiliary facility
  • roastery - fireplace, barbecue, skewer, baking, kettle
  • 2 garages

Also available:

  • fireplace and electric radiators
  • Microwave
  • coffee machine
  • washing machine
  • TV
  • radio
  • fridge ...

Krasno Town

Krasno is a picturesque mountain village located in the heart of northern Velebit, at 714 m above sea level and is entirely located within the Velebit Nature Park. The seat of the Northern Velebit National Park is also beautiful and is an excellent point to visit various famous locations: the Botanical Garden on Zavižan, the bear sanctuary in Kuterevo, the sub-Velebit coast, Zavratnica ...

It is a beautiful and significant place of pilgrimage. Every year, people from Lika and Primorje and all over the world gather in the sanctuary of the Mother of God of Krasno to celebrate the day of the apparition of the Mother of God of Krasno.

Spend unforgettable moments in nature walking, hiking, cycling, sledding, skiing ... Or just enjoy the peace, quiet, fresh air and idyllic landscapes of Velebit. The house is ideal for celebrations and festivities as which are birthdays, boys and girls given that he is alone.

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Prognoza vremena za Gospić
Prognoza vremena za Gospić
Prognoza vremena za Gospić
Prognoza vremena za Gospić
Prognoza vremena za Gospić
Prognoza vremena za Gospić
Prognoza vremena za Gospić