Pjenušci Peršurić

Sparkling wines Peršurić d.o.o. family firms that are part of the family farm producing natural sparkling wines Misal, according to the conventional method of fermentation in the bottle. Production of the business since the beginning of '90s. when as a continuation višestoljete winemaking tradition we start something new and unknown, that day was one of the largest producers of natural sparkling wines in Croatia. Located in a small rural village Pršurić, near Porec, where we cherish our vineyards and wine. In our winery offering tastings of premium champagnes Misal guided, sightseeing and exploring the basement with a production process, and optionally a relaxing and pleasant walks krpz fields and vineyards at sunset.

Following centuries-old vineyard and winemaking tradition in our family, '90 .- these years we have started production of natural sparkling wines in modest circumstances in a village near Porec Pršurić. With much love and wishes for success, accumulated knowledge and the necessary conditions, production was initially modest since only a hundred bottles of champagne just one species. For years, creating a recognizable name Missal, now we can proudly say that we are one of the largest producers of natural sparkling wines in Croatia. Annual production has grown, and trying to satisfy everyone's tastes and preferences are a range of products enriched with six different natural sparkling wines.

Palette consists of: Misal Blanc de Blancs , Misal Prestige, Misal Millennium , Misal Noir, Misal Rose and  Misal Rouge.

Also just for the visitors of our winery and 3 luxury hospitality trades produce Peršurić Muscat and Malvasia Istria.

The production process from the vineyard to the finished product, and we follow with the necessary knowledge and technology, with the same love and enthusiasm as at the beginning. This is our guarantee to every product. Confirmation of our effort and quality are numerous prizes and awards in numerous exhibitions.

The entire production process from the vineyard to the final act of drinking sparkling magic you can experience in our winery. Would you like to fill a rainy day, fix a bad mood or just to experience something different we are pleased to accommodate.