Via Apartments

New, modern apartments, with a beautiful view of the Zadar archipelago, just 200 m from the sea, 4 +1, fully equipped, air conditioning, tv / sat, radio, parking lot

Why would you choose over the Ugljan for your vacation? Let's start from the beginning. Ugljan is idyllic island located opposite the city of Zadar. The proximity of land distinct advantage, as well as a good ferry connection that goes every 15 minutes and departs every hour. So while you enjoy an idyllic holiday, and 15 minutes drive again be found in the bustle of the city or going out the evening mass.

Ugljan island's beautiful nature, and is also known as the "green island". Known for its olive groves, pine trees, fig trees and beautiful beaches offer plenty of opportunities for active recreation in nature. Bike paths connect the entire island, so you can enjoy bike riding, activities such as tennis, kayaking, climb a mountain Sv. Michael (265 km above the sea, asphalt road-climb 3 km) and windsurfing (which is on the side of via, but on the opposite side - in Muline, in the open sea, where the wind is particularly strong). Also very interesting to explore the underwater world that is worth diving.

Only through the center of the island of Ugljan, a name he says that he is opposed to Zadar.Characterized by a Mediterranean atmosphere and typical Dalmatian architecture, and has beaches that are ideal for family holidays. The sea is clean, green and blue that you simply lures, and beach and entrance to the sea in a kind of desire: from sand (sandy beach "gap" carries the blue flag which means that it is characterized by extremely clean water) and concrete over stone to those with stijenama.Tu the island Galevac, which originates from the Mediterranean greenery old building of the Franciscan monastery, even from the 15th century! On this island you can also swim.

Only through you, but a wide selection of beach, offers excellent restaurants and the newly kokte-bar by the sea, in whose bag the evening you can drink the light of torches, and enjoy the view of the coast of Zadar. Here you can enjoy an active vacation and relax!