Tesoro Restaurant

Quiet, nicely decorated restaurant with a pleasant and friendly staff and affordable prices and a rich offer of food and drinks.

Tesoro restaurant owned by a company from Darwen Mipan that already, we can say, traditionally catering and the production of bakery products. Since the beginning of this year, the restaurant is located at a new location on the Square and Eugene Kumičića 3rd Detail, for those who deal in lower Koprivnica, between the hospital and the police, the new blue building.

Working hours are from 08:00 up 23:00 on weekdays, while on Sundays and holidays do 15:00-23:00. Contact phone is a phone 048/625-294 or 099/350-7598. And we provide every day from 09:00 up 22:00, Sundays and holidays 15:00-22:00.

We have the capacity to 60 seats, located in two halls. Weekdays from 09:00 to 13:00 we prepare two types of complete gableca - soup, main course with side dish, salad, bread, dessert - for only 25.00 kn. Recently we have every week one days as it is now popular - Action snack for only 20.00 kn.

If you have not already know, Tesoro means treasure, because when you find us, you find treasure. Our character recognition Xwhich means a place of hidden treasures. Since the word is the word arose because the dining room is really trying to hand our top chefs, and excellent surroundings make your stay as comfortable for dining.

On the menu of our restaurant we offer 15 types of pizza in three sizes, then over 50 different types of foods as follows: grilled meat, pasta, risotto, steak, fish, seafood, salads and desserts. Large selection of wines, beers and other alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

Our space is also suitable for holding small receptions and entertainment to thirty persons, such as birthday celebrations, various anniversaries, small weddings and the like.

The restaurant there is a table prematanje children.

Payment options: cash, credit cards (all)

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Prognoza vremena za Koprivnica
Prognoza vremena za Koprivnica
Prognoza vremena za Koprivnica
Prognoza vremena za Koprivnica
Prognoza vremena za Koprivnica
Prognoza vremena za Koprivnica
Prognoza vremena za Koprivnica
Prognoza vremena za Koprivnica